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Medical tests and examinations

The following paid tests are performed in the Department of Function Tests:


  • 12-lead ECG with inspiration;
  • ECG + function tests (beta-blockers, potassium chloride, atropine);
  • Bicycle stress test (graduated exercise test)


  • Spirometry + function tests using bronchodilators.


  • Electroencephalography (EEG) + function tests (photostimulation, hyperventilation);
  • Echoencephalography.


Please visit room 304 or call at 331-82-56.

Ultrasound examinations (for adults and children over 5) of:

  • Abdominal cavity (liver, kidney, pancreas, gall bladder, spleen, abdominal aorta);
  • Kidney, adrenal glands and retroperitoneal space;
  • Abdominal cavity + gall bladder function test;
  • Breast;
  • Male breast;
  • Thyroid;
  • Salivary glands;
  • Cervical, deltoideopectoral, supraclavicular, axillary and inguinal lymph nodes;
  • Prostate;
  • Scrotum;
  • Urinary bladder;
  • Soft tissues;
  • Knee joints.

All examinations are performed using MEDISON 8000 ultrasound machine (with colour Doppler imaging).

Prescribed examinations are carried out upon referral slips and in accordance with a physician’s recommendations. A patient may also undergo a paid examination.


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